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Considering our coexistence with climate

Considering our coexistence with climate We can consider the example of global warming. It is certainly true that we should not discuss global warming simply because it is warm or cold this year. Even if we should collect data for tens of years and understand that warming does occur in one area or two, the truth might be that it is caused merely by urbanization near sensing areas. It would be necessary to examine carefully what area it represents in terms of temperature movement and tendencies. Conversely, as with “Yamase”, which are winds descending from mountains nearby, even low-temperature phenomena might result from warming. Humidity changes and the characteristics and timing of precipitation might cause warming, too. Moreover, to clarify how warming is associated with our living and industrial activities, with slow changes such as desertification, or with the devastating disaster caused by a typhoon, for example, we must consider various aspects with knowledge from studies other than those of climatology alone.


No boundaries demarcate our atmosphere. Any phenomenon might be the product of other various scales of phenomena. We are examining various levels of atmospheric phenomena as far as climatology is concerned, such as sea winds and land winds, Yamase, and monsoon with respect to where they give an impact, in the streets or in the city, for example.


[1] Heat island: In Sendai city, we are observing temperatures at fixed locations using ventilated cases for meteorological instruments put in place at primary schools there. In addition, we are studying sea winds and land winds in relation with the air pollution.


[2] Yamase: We are investigating various aspects of Yamase high wind behavior, which strongly affects the Pacific Ocean side of the Tohoku area.


[3] Research overseas: We are studying possible impacts caused by climate changes that give considerable impacts to the living and the agricultural work for the people of Java and on the plains of Inner Mongolia.


We cannot see the atmosphere, although it changes every minute, leaving no trace. One effect of the atmosphere that is certain is that our lives are impacted by it without fail. Knowing its importance for changing human life, would you like to study climate behavior along with us?