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Life Support


International Students

Tohoku University provides much assistance to foreign students to help them study here comfortably.


Student Exchange Division, International Affairs Department
[External link] http://www.bureau.tohoku.ac.jp/ryugaku/english/


Tohoku University, Graduate School of Science, DIRECT
[External link] http://www.sci.tohoku.ac.jp/direct/english/
  • Life on Campus

    1. Curriculum and Qualifications for Application

    2. Study

    3. Library

  • Housing

    1. Dormitories for International Students

    2. Public Housing

    3. Private Apartments and Houses

    4. International Student General Housing Insurance

  • Health

    1. Student Counselors' Office

    2. National Health Insurance

    3. Student Accident & Injury Insurance

  • General Information

    1. Net-U , Sendai Mediatheque

    2. Government Office,Cultural Facilities,etc

    3. Various Procedures

    4. Printed Materials & References for International Students

    5. Campus map

  • Life Support